Pup Juice 3-pack 15ml

Pup Juice 3-pack 15ml of: X-Rated, XX-Rated & XXX-Rated

Reference: pup-juice-3-pack-15


Contains Isobutyl Nitrite



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This spell of the X-rated bottle could put you down on your knees effortlessly:

The Great Dane has come to please.

Wagging his tail with joy and ease.

You wouldn’t resist, he is always around.

Waiting for you to mount and pound.

Now keep your eyes open and wide.

His tongue is out and ready to slide.

This spell of the XX-rated bottle could bring your stubborn partner to obey and submit:

This Husky never fails to slay.

Sniffing his master and ready to obey.

Although he’s never easy to train.

Nothing comes without some pain.

Don’t run there is no place to hide.

Be aware of the XXX-rated bottle, cast this spell to unleash the desire Goddess. So be ready to fly beyond the universe:

I know I’m nervous, scared and shy.

But I’m the Pitbull who will satisfy.

It will be wet, it will be fire.

You are now the Goddess of desire.

Approach with caution and don’t hesitate.


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